Camp #4 - AUGUST 19-23, 2019

Location: The Winsor School, Boston, MA

Level: Beginner / Intermediate

Ages: 7 – 17

Time: 9am-4pm (Mon-Fri) *

* Camp closes on Friday at 3pm

Fee: $975.00 / person

Deadline: August 12, 2019

Please note after August 12, 2019 there will be no refunds of camp fees!

The Learnsquash Beginner/Intermediate Level Squash Camps are the ideal starting point to both introduce juniors to the sport of squash as well as for those intermediate level players looking to improve on their fundamentals and move up the ladder on their squash teams or improve on their national rankings. Besides basic fundamentals, coverage will include stroke production, movement, court craft, as well as emphasis on tactics, strategy, and match play. Campers will be grouped by skill level into five groups of 4 players. There will be a 1:4 coach to student ratio at each camp. Within each day the campers switch courts and get to work with a new coach.

Also each day there will be an individual and/or team based competition culminating with prizes for the top placers which is awarded on Fridays. Snacks and beverages will be provided to all campers. For the full day camp, campers are required to pack their own lunches from Mon-Thurs. A pizza lunch will be provided by the camp on Friday.

Included below is an example of a sample camp day:

  • Warm-up and stretching
  • Coaches’ demonstration of “theme of the day” (e.g. drives, boast, serve/serve return)
  • Campers break into their respective groups to practice “theme of the day” with coaches on court
  • Group drills to work on “theme of the day”
  • Snack & hydration break
  • Team and/or Individual Competition
  • 12:00pm – 1:00pm: Lunch
  • Rules Lecture + scenarios
  • Demonstration of second “theme of the day”
  • Groups practice with coaches on court
  • Snack & hydration break
  • Conditioned games
  • 2:30pm – 4:00pm: Private/semi-private lessons with coaches (each day with a different coach)